Director's Statement


"Fundamental takes us into the lives of gender justice activists around the world who are working to create change at the grassroots level. The activists you will meet in the series are on the frontlines of human rights issues, risking everything. Yet they are rarely made visible. So often the movements they lead are not widely visible either—and yet they are so critical to protecting human rights. For this reason, they know they have to do this work, for their communities and their countries. They are the only ones who will do it.

Our films provide a better understanding of their struggles and offer an intimate portrait of what it means to be a frontline advocate in today’s volatile world. We see that social change is not always linear, that there are violent threats and bitter disappointments. For every one step forward there are three steps back. But we also see that they aren’t doing this work alone. Within movements there is great community, and there is solidarity in knowing there are others alongside you – your neighbors in your city as well as those across the globe – who are also fighting for justice.

From Brazil and the United States to Kenya, Pakistan, and Georgia, these inspiring activists refuse to accept the status quo, agitating and organizing to create safe spaces and a more just world for others. It is my hope that the series will inspire viewers to learn more about these issues, and join the fight for gender justice alongside these incredible activists."

- Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Director, Fundamental film series


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