Living Out Loud

LGBTQI+ rights in Georgia


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About the Episode

How can a vulnerable but resilient movement overcome the powerful joint forces of church and state?

While officially a secular nation, church and state are far from separate in Georgia, where homophobia is common. The Christian Orthodox Church holds great power including among government officials, resulting in homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination throughout the country, hate crimes and murders, and state-ordered threats against LGBTQI+ individuals and activists.

At the same time, the feminist and LGBTQI+ movements in Georgia are growing stronger and more organized. In “Living Out Loud,” we meet Eka Aghdgomelashvili, a Georgian feminist activist and trailblazer who led successful efforts to pass anti-discrimination laws in this former Soviet state. We also meet a young artist, Eka Tkemeladze, and fellow community activists who are mobilizing in the tense days leading up to the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) rally.

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Meet the Activist: Eka Aghdgomelashvili

Ekaterine Aghdgomelashvili is one of the key leaders and trailblazers in Georgia for LGBTQI rights and the co-founder and gender specialist at Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG). WISG is a feminist organization working to empower women and LGBTQI+ people in Georgia to experience their full and equal rights through political participation, economic empowerment, and cultural exchange. She is an experienced trainer, facilitator, and consultant, as well as an activist and researcher. Her specialties are women's rights and human rights, advocacy, reporting and documentation, gender, sexuality, LGBT rights, LB and trans health, media studies, and qualitative research.


Spotlight on the issue

Gender justice activists are working to advance LGBTQI+ rights—not just in Georgia but around the world. Meet some of Global Fund for Women’s grassroots grantee partners who are leaders in the movement.

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